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Korean style strip bar (in Korea full salon)

Come and check what is the meaning of strip bar and how we enjoy our life

  • The Best Salon You Will Never be able to Find More Enjoyable
  • Join For Korea’s Exotic Sleepless Drinking Culture
  • Exceptional Korean Strip Room Party

Korean style strip bar course(total time 2hours)

High class car will be sent to the place where you live in then drop you at our bar.


Ready for customer in the glass room, beautiful female
partner selected to suit their tastes.

What’s glass room?

For the customers, all Korean partners wait until customer pick up, you can choose whatever your type female in the glass room. This is Korean unique exciting system in full service bar.


Separated rooms only for customer to guide todrinking whiskey and unlimited side dishes will have been prepared.


Middle part and last part of 1 hour and 10 mins each females start the service will make you more exciting.


After room you and your partner move to our hotel then you can play with her whatever you want.(50mins)